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  • Pearl PU Paint

    The Pearl PU paint from Casa Decor, Mumbai is of high quality. The paint has a pearly egg shell finish in different range of color shades.

    The paint has excellent color with gloss retention. This long lasting paint is scratch resistance as well as stain resistance along with great washibility. The film integrity is great leading to no cracks even on uneven surface. Pearl PU paint from Casa Decor also provides great clarity. You don’t have to worry any more regarding any kinds of spill be it salt water, oil or grease. The paint is ideal for water or chemical spill areas. This paint can be applied on wood or plastered walls or metal surfaces.

    It provides excellent hardness. Pearl paint does not discolor with UV lights and its gloss remains for a long period of time. This quick drying paint needs an hour or so to dry so that it can be recoated. Around two to three coatings can leave behind a beautiful finish of paint. The paint can be oil or water based. The best way to apply the polish is to use spray but roller or brush can be used as well. All you need to do is to clean the surface and then apply the paint.