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  • Imported PU Polish

    There are lots of quality wood finishes available from Casa Decor like lamination or melamine. The PU polish is also a great option in wood polish.

    We offer imported PU polish for your homes and offices. Wooden doors, windows, furniture or floors can be protected from moisture and UV rays using the wood polish. But to enhance the beauty of quality wood products you need imported PU polish. Melamine finish can be used if you want the natural beauty of the wood but if you want glossier look then this PU polish is the best choice. The polish is abrasion and water resistance.

    It is also resistant to oil and grease as well as salt water and boiling water. It has the feature of color retention and is quite long lasting. The PU polish is a great UV absorber. It can be applied to any kind of new or old wooden surfaces. The imported PU polish provides hardness with its high build film. The polish is flexible enough not to crack with expansion and contraction of wood. The polish coats uniformly covering the required area and leveling it. The strong feature of this polish is it dries quickly. With two or three recoating a smooth and glossy finish can be achieved. It is great for interior as well as exteriors.