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  • Imported Melamine

    Casa Decor provides quality wood finishes. Any wooden furniture may be covered with PU polish or lamination or melamine.

    . We provide beautiful imported melamine glossy and melamine matt finish polish. It can be used on quality wooden furniture and accessories. This polish protects the wood from moisture and heat along with providing great shine. The melamine matt finish is preferred by maximum customers because it enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It has exceptional scratch resistance feature and is also alcohol and oil resistance. It is good against salt water and boiling water as well.

    The polish is durable and does not turn yellow easily. The polish has a high build film there by providing excellent hardness. It does not crack and is flexible to expansion and contraction of wood with change in temperature. The melamine finish has a two pack acid catalyzed system. It is chemically cured and has a quick drying feature. The polish can be recoated to retain the high gloss. The polish is great for interior as well as exteriors. The product comes in different packing from 200 ml to 20 liters. It is suitable for all kinds of new as well as old wooden floors, doors and furniture.